Thursday, May 5, 2016

Makumba Double IPA (review)

Beer Review #112

Admittedly I was more excited by "May the 4th be with you," but today is Cinco De Mayo and I'm checking out a bottle of Makumba Double IPA put out by CB Craft Brewers. The only other beer I've reviewed from CB is Silverback Double IPA a little over a year ago.

There isn't much available about Makumba online, but the labeling calls it "a brazenly hoppy ale with a cocky tropical attitude." According to a google search, Makumba is apparently the name of  a wild silver back gorilla living in Africa.

This 9.5%ABV Imperial IPA pours a slightly cloudy golden with a head of dish-soap white foam that laces well on the glass.

The aroma is surprisingly malty-sweet. Its been awhile since I had an IPA that allows the grain to occupy a slice of the spotlight, which isn't to say it dominates. This is, after all, an India Pale Ale, with tart grapefruit aroma abound.

The label led me to believe I was in for a tropical-leaning take on the IPA, which generally makes me think of mango, papaya, and pineapple notes. Makumba falls short of the advertising in this respect. I find it to be pine-centric, resinous, and floral - sort of a 'working man's' IPA.

A closer look at the bottle just now reveals that the "best by" date was about two months ago. This is not the same Makumba that was bottled. Hops tend to diminish with time, which would account for the increased malt presence. This beer is morphing into an light American Barleywine.

Musical Pairing: Don't Hate Me by Porcupine Tree

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