Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mojo Risin Double IPA (review)

Beer Review #117

Its the rainy Sunday after the World's End 50K (race report) and I'm recovering with a bottle of Mojo Risin Double IPA, my first review of a product from Colorado's Boulder Beer Company.

Mojo Risin is based upon the company's Mojo IPA (which i haven't had). They've souped up the recipe by greatly increasing the amount of malt and Amarillo hops in the recipe and the dry-hopping it twice. Mojo Risin is released yearly in January. This bottle purchased in New York State is a little old, but at hearty 10%ABV has weathered the months nicely.

Chilled and poured vigorously into a pint glass, Mojo Risin is clear-golden with two or three fingers of lingering soapy foam that is just slightly off-white. The carbonation is low to moderate.

The aroma is resinous-pine and slightly floral and earthy, with a solid malt note not always present in IPA's coming out of the American west.

At 80IBUs, Mojo Risin is bitter, but not one dimensional. The amount of malted grains necessary to reach 10% ABV gives this some caramel flavor on the roof of the mouth. The hop character is earthy, and a bit "dirty," to steal the term from another reviewer. Plenty of pine though also.

Not a spectacular beer, but at 10%ABV I'm not likely to give a shit in a few minutes.

Musical Pairing: Somnium by Robert Rich

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