Monday, May 9, 2016

Protein Before Bed Builds Muscle

I few days ago I recommended 'Fasted Workouts" each morning for accelerated fat burning. On the flip side of that discussion is what we do at night.

I start most mornings on my indoor bike, but I also finish most evenings there too.

After popping an REM Cap or generic melatonin I usually hop on the bike for 30 to 60 minutes and spin at a high cadence, but low resistance, until I get drowsy. In addition to being helpful at burning off the last of the day's stress, it helps keep my metabolism burning hot.

Immediately after getting off the bike, the last thing I do before turning the lights out is eat.

We've all been told a thousand times that we need protein (or more correctly amino acids) to build muscle, as well as that our bodies do most of their growing and recovering while we sleep. But loads of research also shows that lean muscle growth is greatly accelerated by eating a high protein (and low carb) snack just before bed in order to give muscles enough raw materials to do their thing until breakfast time.

Other evidence also suggests that protein before bed also naturally increases the body's production of important hormones like HGH and testosterone.

For my pre-sleep snack I typically go with 3 or 4 hard boiled eggs, a single serving of my favorite protein powder, or even a can of 5 ounce can of tuna.

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