Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Truth Imperial IPA

Beer Review #111

As the calendar rolls into May expect my beer drinking habits to lean more heavily toward crisp, refreshing pale ales, including this one from Maryland based Flying Dog Brewing.

Today I'm checking out The Truth Imperial IPA, a 77IBU concoction that utilizes five varietals of  hops (Warrior, Summit, CTZ, Citra, Amarillo), along with Munich, Acidulated, and malted wheat malts to produce an amply bitter deep-golden libation befitting a hot summer day - which today most definitely is not.

Poured un-chilled, The Truth puts on quite performance of tiny, high definition bubbles rising into two fingers of mother-of-pearl foam.

The aroma, much to my liking, yields and immediate burst of tropical fruit (pineapple, mango), that fades into citrus and then pine.

The taste is piney punch in the face upfront that eventually gives way to those tropical fruit notes and the crisp tartness of grapefruit.


Musical Pairing: Antisocial by Anthrax

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-Twin Tiers Craft Beer Club (Sayre)
I-86 Beer Trail
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Bluestone Brewing Company (Sayre)
- Diversion Brewing Co. (Chemung)
River Barge Brewing (Wyalusing)
The Grille at the Train Station (Sayre)
River Rat Brew Trail (Central Pa)

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