Thursday, June 9, 2016

Alberta Clipper Porter (Review)

Beer Review #124

I had my first taste of Great Lakes Brewing Co. in November 2015 when I reviewed their Blackout Stout (review #62). A few weeks after that I tasted their Edmund Fitzgerald Porter (review #66). All of the Great Lakes beers with their great names and artwork have been teasing me from the shelves, and six months later I'm finally checking out another - their Alberta Clipper PorterWhile I live hundreds of miles from the nearest great lake-Lake Erie, I am a Pennsylvania resident, and as such, Alberta Clipper is a meteorological term I'm familiar with. But can the beer live up to the fast moving storm it is named for? Porter is normally an overly dark and robust beer for early June in Eastern Pennsylvania, but a windy cold front blew through the area yesterday, and I find myself feeling chilled this afternoon.

Alberta Clipper Porter  pours pitch black. Holding a pint glass up to a light reveals only minimal highlights of brown and red. This beer's thick brown head of foam lingers long after the pour and clings to the glass.

The 7.5%ABV, and 40IBU's are worn well. The beer is thick, creamy and smooth, and if they had called it a stout no one would have disagreed.

Raspberries dominate the nose, and are surprisingly present in the taste where raspberry and dark, rich chocolates mix on the pallet, bringing to mind boxes of mixed fruit filled chocolate candies during the winter holidays.

Musical Pairing: Gutter Ballet by Savatage

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