Monday, June 20, 2016

Chillwave Double IPA (review)

Beer Review #130

My 130th beer review is just my 4th from Great Lakes Brewing Company. Its about 90 degrees out this afternoon, but i'm holed up in my bedroom with the AC blasting as I dive into a bottle of the refreshingly named Chillwave Double IPA

This light amber hued American DIPA with a head that just won't quit clocks in at 9.0%ABV. According to the advertising:

"Inspired by the North Coast’s dedicated (and sometimes chilly) surf community, our Double IPA will melt the ice in your beard and never lose its balance."
 Marketing is often bullshit, but in its own poetic way this description manages to hit the nail on the head.

Surprisingly smooth and balanced going down the gullet, Chillwave still hits you with the hops.The aroma features a reserved tropical note, along with earth undertones. On the flavor front there is a touch of caramel sweetness on the lips just before pine and a bit of grapefruit intervene. The malty sweetness reemerges briefly before a semi-dry bitter finish.


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