Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA (review)

Beer Review #132

Eight days ago I reviewed Chillwave Double IPA (review #130) from Great Lakes Brewing Co. Today I'm tasting another one of their big IPA's, Lake Erie Monster Imperial Pale Ale.

"Issue a small craft advisory: this South Bay Bessie-inspired brew launches an intense hop attack amid torrid tropical fruit flavors."
Who or what is Bessie? For that I'll send you off to Wikipedia Land and this article about the history of South Bay Bessie. As for the beer, Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA is an 80IBU, 9.1%ABV monstrosity cooked up by a brewery that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Be sure to check out my previous reviews of Great Lakes Brews: Chillwave Double IPA, Alberta Clipper Porter, Edmund Fitzgerald Porter and Blackout Stout by clicking these links.

Geographically, Porter's and Stouts make sense for a company founded in Cleveland Ohio, who put out a lot of beers named after cold, blustery seas and winter storms. But an Imperial Pale Ale that is big on tropical flavor? I'll leave that for you to judge, but this tropically tinged IPA is a good one.

Lake Earie Monster IPA pours copper without a hint of cloudiness. The foam is lingering, and clings to the glass like an ex girlfriend that just won't go away.

The aroma is sweet and wild, almost like raw honey, but the flavor is all about pineapple and grapefruit, bolstered by enough bitterness to keep things manly.


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