Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Slo Mo' India Pale Ale (review)

Beer Review #131

I neglected to mention in yesterday's review that it was the summer solstice. From here the daylight hours on this blue marble grow shorter again, each day, until the long cold nights of winter return. In honor of this astronomical event that must have been so important to our ancestors (before the light bulb) it would have been cool if I had some ground breaking, incredible beer to share with you on this occasion, but alas, I have failed, and managed to find a real stinker.

Syracuse NY based Empire Brewing Company was founded in 1994, putting them in the thick of the craft beer explosion. I hate to savage any beer, but their Slo Mo' India Pale Ale just isn't very good.

Slo Mo' pours clear, pale straw with medium carbonation and a robust head of foam. But after the nice presentation its mostly downhill.

"Slo Mo' is a true American IPA brewed with a blend of Falconer's Flight and Mosaic Hops to convey bright tropical citrus notes for a crisp dry finish."

Unfortunately the beer bears a striking resemblance to (a stronger) Heineken, with its slightly off, metallic, floral aroma as well as taste. The floral thing follows through to the taste, which is also slightly "yeasty" in the Belgian sense of the word.

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