Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tangier Double IPA (review)

Beer Review #127

A year ago I reviewed Tangier Session IPA (review #30). New for 2016, Southern Tier Brewing Company has introduced a jacked up reincarnation called 2XTangier, a double (or imperial) India Pale Ale with 8.1%ABV

Courtesy of tangerine peels, tangerine puree and three variety of hops, 2XTangier is a citrusy tropical delight.

The beer pours straw yellow with just a hint of orange over a quickly dissipating, legless head of foam.

2XTangier's aroma has some surprising sweetness that compliments the obvious tangerine note. The taste is a touch more malty than the original version, a pleasant side effect of ramping up the grain bill to achieve the higher alcohol content. But still, this as a vibrant, airy, refreshing, bitter brew. Again, the presence of tangerine is obvious - but tasteful (artistically).

Surprisingly dry finish. Great summer beer. Purchased at Waverly Discount Beverage. $10 for a six pack, very reasonable pricing for a DIPA.

Musical Pairing: Souls at Zero by Neurosis

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- Diversion Brewing Co. (Chemung)
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