Saturday, July 30, 2016

Birthday Suit Sour Plum Abbey Ale (review)

Beer Review #144

I haven't reviewed a Uinta Brewing beer since January of this year (review #85). As I really enjoyed their  Sea Legs Baltic Porter I didn't hesitate to reach out for the bottle of Birthday Suit Sour Plum Abbey Ale I spotted on the local racks late this morning.

Birthday Suit Sour Plum Abbey Ale pours a snappy, effervescent amber brown, almost like apple cider. In retrospect (from ten seconds ago) apple may have been a good choice of words. While brewed with plums, there is certainly a tangy, green apple note running through this beer from nose to finish (thank you lactic acid) That said, the aroma is pretty dang sweet too.

On the flavor side, this one will eat the enamel off your teeth. Yeah, half a bottle in my mouth has that raw, watery feeling going on. But that's fine, as I have an affinity for sour tastes. Pear, apple, jolly ranchers, and perhaps a hint of funk (not sure if thee is Brett in the beer or not)

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