Saturday, July 2, 2016

Blasphemy Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale (review)

Beer Review #137

I've never met a Weyerbacher beer I didn't like. This Eastern Pennsylvania based company makes a lot of unique and massive beers. I most recently reviewed their brew... Insanity (review #126), but you can browse my index and discover some other gems.

The prolifically creative American craft beer scene is filled with infinite variations, but Weyerbacher's Blasphemy  just might take the cake, as far as my current experience level goes.

This 11.8% ABV ale takes a no-holds-barred Belgian Quad and lets it sleep, for awhile, in American bourbon barrels to create something wholly unique to my taste buds.By now we are all familiar with bourbon barrel aged stouts, but never before has and amber hued beer tasted so dark.

On this side of the pond strong Belgian ales, with their fruity and spicy yeast esters are an acquired taste  - Blasphemy marries these characteristics with the strong vanilla notes of the bourbon barrel.

Blasphemy, 11.8% ABV, is our QUAD aged in bourbon barrels which gives it gentle vanilla notes that complement rather than supersede the complex qualities that already make QUAD such an incredible beer.

It is fully bottle conditioned and available only in the 750ml cork and cage package.Blasphemy is brewed roughly in time for May release each year.

In my mind, the bourbon barrel / vanilla is more prominent than the Belgian elements, but nevertheless the ratios are nigh on perfect. Where a stout might fill out the vanilla with coffee and chocolate, this quad retains the lighter / spicy / fruit dominated back end of the Belgian Ale.

Transparent dark amber pour. Vanilla, dark fruit nose. Vanilla, clove front end. Tobacco after burn, and just a touch of alcohol on the inhale.

Musical Pairing: THE POUR: Yeti Imperial Stout... watch my channel you twats!

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