Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Magic Hat Wee Heavy Champ (review)

Beer Review #145

I've been so caught up in shooting and editing running videos recently that I've neglected the beer review side of Some of my friends would say this is a good thing... but I really like my beer, and these reviews account for a large portion of the traffic to this blog.

Speaking of things I neglected - you have to look all the way back to October 2014 to find my first and only other review of a Magic Hat Brewing Company (review #4) product. You have to dig less deep, however, to find my last Scotch Ale (review #75), or "Wee Heavy" as the Scottish seem to call the style.

What you may ask, is the common ground between Burlington Vermont based Magic Hat? As it just so happens, Burlington sits just to the west of Lake Champlain which, like Scotland's Loch Ness, has its own legend of a mysterious sea beast, lovingly called Champ or Champy.

This beast of a brew weighs in at 8.0%ABV, and sweet 30IBUs. The beer pours a peaty dark brown with a large head of snappy off wight foam that dissipates quickly leaving the beer to look rather lifeless in the glass.

Malts: Wheat, Pale, Bonlander Munich, Caramel 80L, Chocolate
Hops: Northern Brewer, Hallertau

The aroma is surprisingly fruity, with hints of caramel. In the taste department, Wee Heavy Champ is a little sweet for my liking, although just enough back end bitterness reminds you that you're drinking a beer. The flavor is rounded out by caramel, a hint of raisin and just a touch of peat.

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