Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Post Ultra-Depression

In mainstream running they talk about 'the runner's high. In Ultra Running its the epiphany - the idea that the Ultra journey is life affirming, that you come through the other side of the pain cave changed for the better, ready to take on anything the world throws at you. 

A decade into my adult-running journey I've toed maybe a hundred start lines and a handful of ultras including two 100k's (Race Reports). 

That first 50k is tough, but leaves you relatively unchanged. The 100k though- it does something (hormonal maybe?). 

Both of my 62 mile finishes have come with a momentary high and a corresponding crash. 

Beware the post Ultra-Depression.....  

You've completed your goal race..... so 'sign up for something else,' they say. I'm already registered for a trail half marathon and 50k on successive weeks less than a month from now, and two other trail races for next spring. I wish I could tell you that it it helps. But its tough to take your next 50k quite as seriously as you should in the aftermath of a 100k, even if one is mountainous and the other is not.

So what is the solution? What is the cure? Were you looking for a quick fix? Five easy steps to happiness in two weeks or less? I don't run a self help blog. I don't know. Time maybe? Friends? Your guess is as good as mine. When I figure it out I'll be the first to tell you....

Even so... one way or another, I'm running 100 next year...... 

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