Friday, October 21, 2016

Harvest Ale Wet Hopped IPA

Beer Review #165

A few weeks ago I reviewed Tart Ten (review #161) and today I'm back to Victory Brewing Company to check out the 2016 iteration of their Harvest Ale Wet Hopped IPA.

Fresh, wet hops piled into our kettle just hours after their harvest build this aromatic and flavorful brew, whose hop oils create unique notes of juicy fruit and tea.
As soon as I popped the top a huge tropical aroma, hit me. After further inspection, citrus reveals itself.

The beer pours a just slightly orange tinted shade of crystal clear straw with a big fluffy white head.

Harvest Ale packs a substantial amount of flavor for a 6.5%ABV beer. The label says "Drink Now. Do not Store," and that seems like good advice as when that fresh hop flavor mellows, there isn't much else lurking beneath the surface to reveal itself. As is common with these lower alcohol pale beers, the mouth-feel leans toward the watery, with not much in the way of interesting malts to pick up the slack.

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