Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Oops I did It Again!

Last year I sprained both ankles within 3 months of each other. The first sprain came at the Mile Run Trail Challenge Half Marathon, and the other at the inaugural World's End Ultramarathon 50k. I battled wonky weak ankles for the rest of that year. In 2016 I ran healthy and strong, completing 3 ultras and a dozen races, with neither ankle giving me any issues. All of that changed last night, a quarter mile into a road run, of all things, when I stepped off the sidewalk to avoid some pedestrians. Since completing the Pine Creek Challenge 100k in the September and the Green Monster 50k in October I've run no more than 3 or 4 times. Last night's run was going to the beginning of training for 2017's stupidity. Look's like I'll have to put that off for a few more weeks now....

No doctor visit. I've sprained enough ankles to know what they'll say after a pricey x-ray - rest, ice, compression, elevation, Ibuprofen. On the pain scale, i've had worse sprains. Although the side of the ankle is swollen, the pain seems focused beneath/beneath the Achilles tendon (though the tendon itself is pain free.) I had planned to run the local Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning. If I'm pain free by then I'll plan on running it extra easy. Either way, I'll likely be there with a video camera capturing some footage for my youtube channel: HERE

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