Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tropical Torpedo IPA (review)

Beer Review #172

Its been weeks since my last beer review, however New Year's Eve seemed like a great excuse to correct that oversight. This time around I'm tasting Sierra Nevada's Tropical Torpedo Tropical IPA. I previously reviewed Torpedo Extra IPA (review #31) way back in July 2015.

Weighing in at 6.7%ABV with 55IBU's, Tropical Torpedo is the lowest alcohol beer I've had in ages, as my tastes in recent months have gravitated toward big imperial beers. As a result, this one starts off feeling a bit watery in the mouth. However there is no lack of aroma and flavor. Look for a blast of papaya and mango on the nose up front, fading into that essence of cat pee and arm pit that only an IPA drinker could love. The aromas, primarily achieved through dry hopping, give way to pine-heavy bittering hops that linger in the after taste. There is also a bit of pineapple present.

Sierra Nevada does not necessarily make a lot of life-changing beers, but neither do they make any bad beers. They are the big, utilitarian brewery of the craft beer world - a gateway brewer with the reach to usher new fans into the fold. Hop Hunter (review #20) and Celebration Fresh Hop IPA (review #18) are both superior brews, in my humble opinion. Nevertheless Tropical Torpedo makes a solid addition to the Sierra Nevada stable.

Clear golden-straw pour, generous crisp white foamy head.

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