Saturday, January 7, 2017

Merry Monks Belgian Style Tripel Ale

Beer Review #174

Baby its cold outside! Today i'll be warming myself with a bottle of Easton PA based Weyerbacher's Merry Monks Belgian Style Tripel Ale.

Merry Monks is brewed with Pislner malt, Abbey yeast, along with allertuaer, Saaz, and Fuggles hops and weighs in at 9.3%ABV and 15IBU. 

As a bottle conditioned beer, expect this one to pour a slightly cloudy shade of pale orange. Not much in the way of a head from this chilled bottle, though results may vary based on temperature, vigor of the pour and type of glass. Snappy, high carbonation. 

The aroma seems slightly acidic, not in a 'pharmaceutical' sense, but rather as in apple juice or pear. That fruitiness is to be expected, and delighted in, from a Belgian ale. 

Look for instant warmth when taking your first taste, and yet not booziness. Banana bread follows, and then layers of spiciness (nutmeg, corinaderm, clove) emerge one by one as you take it all in. Perhaps also a slight presence of tobacco.

Strong Belgian ales are an acquired taste, but a taste that I am happy to have acquired. If you are just beginning your beer journey and have never had one, they'll surprise you much like other 'out-liar' styles. They don't quite taste like what we've been programmed to expect 'beer' to taste like, and that's

 a good thing.

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