Sunday, June 4, 2017

RACE REPORT: Worlds End Ultramarathon 50k (2017)

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Worlds End Fall Classic Half Marathon (2016)

After three years, what is left to say?

The Worlds End Ultramarathon its an absolutely first class event showcasing 50k or 100k of steep rugged Pennsylvania forest land that only a century ago was decimated by logging and mining. To have this incredible resource, and also these races (including the Fall Classic) a mere fifty miles from my front door is a blessing.

The setting is immaculate. Boulder climbs, waterfalls, vistas, dense growth, forests that open into meadows of waist high ferns like something out of Middle-earth. 

The race management is impeccable. Clearly marked routes, full service aid (with Tailwind), a first class race packet including a Buff (with race logo), shirt, and full-color professionally printed copies of the race Participants Guide. Food and beer at the finish.

The participants and volunteers: fun, friendly, helpful and tough as nails regardless of pace or experience level. I'm ordinarily shy, but I always feel completely, comfortably at home at a trail race. They say Facebook friends are not real friends, but I beg to differ.  

Everything that makes this event, with its limited number of participants and lightening fast sellouts, an instant classic, has brought me back to Forksville Pa three summers in a row. See you in 2018

(Oh, and by the way...I finished, despite limited training again this year. Went through a rough patch between the road crossing and the 16 mile aid-station. After taking a little extra time to refuel I felt great rolling back into the park at mile 19. I was reasonably strong all the way to Canyon Vista at mile 22, but faded during the slog to mile 28 where the awesome Pagoda Pacers hooked me up with an awesome IPA and a fistful of bacon before rolling me down the 3 mile hill to the finish.)

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  1. Epic Race! Epic Course! Epic Runner !You are a definite #badass completing that course, especially after an IPA Woo Hoo! You are my hero. Way to get it done, Brian! ROCK ON!