Saturday, November 4, 2017

Cinnamon Roll Imperial Ale

Beer Review #179

Hey guys, long time no see as far as written beer reviews go. Lately I've been putting my efforts into "Beer Porn," my video craft beer review show over on Youtube. You can check that out here, and be sure to subscribe to my channel by clicking the button over in the right sidebar of

I've cut back on my beer drinking and reviewing drastically in the last month and now, less than a week after Halloween, it appears that Pumpkin themed beers have given way to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Today I'm checking out one such beer in the form of Cinnamon Roll Imperial Ale from Southern Tier Brewing Company. As with so many of their beers this one really hits the spot.

Cinnamon Roll pours dark brown with orange and red highlights. Its about as brown as you can get before crossing over into the realm of porters. The mouth-feel, however remains firmly in the realm of brown ale, although a bit of lactose sugar dose add a bit of creaminess into the mix. Look for a two finger pour at just below room temp into a pint glass and decent leg retention.

A blast of cinnamon will hit your nose as you pour, complimented nicely by a hint of vanilla. The taste is similar, with cinnamon and vanilla taking the leading rolls, before a dry graham-cracker crust note reveals itself on the insides of your cheeks and at the back of the throat. And yet this beer somehow remains surprisingly creamy (thank you lactose), like a Werther's Original candy. The interplay between cinnamon, vanilla and graham-cracker calls to mind caramel with an extra kick of warm spiciness.


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