Friday, March 23, 2018

Firestone Walker Sucaba Barrel-Aged Barleywine Style Ale (2018) - Review

Beer Review #189

Hello, hello! Welcome back to another edition of Beer Porn & More. For this Friday edition of the show I'm wrapping my lips around the 2018 vintage of Firestone Walker's barrel-aged barleywine Sucaba. This beer hit shelves on February 10th. Today is March 23rd. I'd been eyeing since release day but only today finally pulled the trigger. At 12.5%ABV, this barrel-aged barleywine is a very age-able brew, but lets be honest. Beer was made for drinking, not for hoarding. So bottom's up me hearties.

For a high ABV barrel-aged beer this one pops out of the bottle with a surprisingly vigorous amount of carbonation, but any head that emerges dissipates quickly and the beer doesn't come across as all that 'snappy' on the tongue.

The aroma is fabulous. Its barrel aged, but the barrels seem particularly fresh - an element sometimes lacking now that the onslaught of barrel aged beers has put a premium on time and storage to make this stuff happen. Look for a big Bourbon, oak note replete with strong notes of vanilla. Molasses, brown sugar and graham cracker are key.

All of these great elements are present on the pallet as well, although the mouthfeel remains remarkably light and refreshing for a beer of this magnitude. Continue below for my video review of this beer over on youtube:

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