Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Grandmaster Dunk Munich Dunkel (Review)

Beer Review #191

Hello, hello. Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. Today I'll be tasting a rarity (for me) in the form of a Munich Dunkel Lager with 5.8%ABV. I rarely drink lagered beers or much of anything with an ABV below 7.0% on this relentless pursuit for the most intense and innovative beer drinking experience on the planet. But sometimes its nice to back it down, go small, and go a little more traditional. That is the case today.

So here we go, Grandmaster Dunk from Rochester NY based Rohrbach Brewing Company. This Earthy beauty pours black(ish), but hold it up to a light and loads of mahogany highlights soon reveal themselves. A slightly off-white head of foam comes and goes quickly, leaving behind a beer that looks flat in the glass, despite the fact that you'll still feel the zip and zing of carbonation in your first sip.

The aroma leans toward coffee. The brewer's promotional material suggests pumpernickel bread, which I did not notice while doing my video review, but now detect.

This beer tastes just like the aroma suggests - Bready, Earthy, malty with just a hint of banana-sweetness lingering around the peripherals.

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