Friday, March 30, 2018

KBS Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chocolate Coffee Stout 2018 (Review)

Beer Review #193

Hello, hello. Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. What has been sitting in a barrel for the last twelve months and just arrived on shelves in Southern Tier NY? If you guessed KBS Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chocolate Coffee Stout from Founders Brewing Coyou guessed right. I've had and reviewed this beer a number of times, along with its little brother Breakfast Stout, and their granddaddy CBS, but as it has been mere months since the release of CBS I thought i'd take the opportunity to take another look.

As little beers grow up to become big bad rock stars its easy to be turned off to them. Many of us got into craft beer (and in my case also underground music and the still little know sport of ultra running) because it appeals to our sense of individualism, independence and the outright avoidance of corporate culture. So when our favorite beers grow up to be dependable best sellers, while other brewers continue to push the boundaries in obscurity, do we suddenly opt to poo-poo on what once moved us to tears? It would be easy to do so. But good is good, and Founders KBS remains good. Very good, in fact.

The beer looks exactly as you would expect. Pitch black pour. Thick, creamy deep brown foam that cakes the sides of the glass with legs that just won't quit.

Clocking in at 12.3% ABV this beer is a barrel aged bruiser flavored with coffee and chocolate to further enhance those coffee and chocolate notes already inherently present in the dark roasted malt. All of this comes across on the nose, as well as the pallet, with the added inflections of bourbon (vanilla, licorice, toffee), and is followed up by a comforting warm finish.

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