Monday, March 12, 2018

Nugget Nectar 2018 (review)

Beer Review #183

The 2018 edition of Troegs Independent Brewing's much loved Nugget Nectar is here. As a Pennsylvania native with easy access to Troegs beers, I've had the opportunity to sample this one nearly every year since I first entered the craft beer melee, and 2018 is no exception (although it has been on shelves for about a month already.) So lets dive right into it...

Nugget Nectar  pours a brilliant orange-amber with around two fingers of fluffy just-off-white foam. Clocking in at 7.5%ABV and a whopping 93IBU's, this tasty brew that is billed as an "amber ale" would be more aptly called an east coast IPA.

Pungent lemon, grass and citrus aromas hit you hard first, but the taste is surprisingly bitter and lip-smackingly dry. Flavoring hops lean more toward traditional pine, but a strong floral note emerges as you get deeper into your session. There is also a lingering 'musky' malt presence hovering around the peripherals that recalls, somewhat, a malty east coast IPA.

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