Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet (review)

Beer Review #188

Hello, hello. Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. We're closing in on 200 written beer reviews and nearly as many video reviews (though not all the same beers, so be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel). Its been ages since I reviewed a brew from Sierra Nevada so today I'm tasting one that I'd never heard of before in the form of their Hop Bullet Double IPA.

One of my favorite IPA's going back a few years to when I first caught the craft beer flu was Sierra Nevada's hop oil infused Hop Hunter IPA. This time around I'm reviewing their lupulin powder powered Hop Bullet DIPA.

This 8.0% - 60IBU Double IPA, pours a slightly golden shade of straw with approximately three fingers of tight, fluffy white foam. The beer appears to be clear, but at closer inspection you'll begin to notice a very fine suspension of particulates - most likely the undissolved remnants of the lupulin powder.

The aroma is decidedly old-school West-coast American IPA, with pine leading the charge. But its not completely one dimensional, as hints of zesty lemon peel and "soapy" floral hops later emerge.

Now, let's talk taste. Malts are nearly non-existent. This is primarily a big, dry, hop-driven West-coast IPA that is more retro (in 2018) than forward thinking. Pine leads the charge, with citrus and floral hops fighting for any attention from our taste buds.

Not at all exciting, its nevertheless a dependably, text book DIPA, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Lupulin powder keeps the hop profile tasting fresh, and I'd expect this beer to have a better-than-usual shelf like for the style.

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