Monday, March 26, 2018

Space Cake Double IPA (review)

Beer Review #190

Hello, hello. Welcome to another episode of Beer Porn & More. We're quickly approaching 200 written beer reviews (and another 200 videos). Its the last week of March. Warmer weather is coming, but as far as the craft beer racks are concerned its already IPA season. Today I'm staring down the pint glass at a DIPA from Boston based Clown Shoes Beer in the form of their Space Cake Double IPA.

After a blast of citrus and the tropics in the nose, this 9.0%ABV amber-orange beauty goes all floral on the unsuspecting drinker. Expect to be greeted by a massive head of stubborn tighty-whitey foam  that will still be hanging around even after you've reached the bottom of the glass.

Yes, this beer begins with a citrus and even tropical nose. Look for ample helpings tangy grape fruit and lemon. But there is also a sweet malty note that I did not yet notice when recording my video review (below.)

When it comes time for tasting - the fruit takes a back seat to floral hops (Did you ever try to eat a flower when you were a kind only to be surprised that it didn't taste like it smelled?) The beer that this review reminds me the most of is Flower Power from Ithaca Beer Co. Think rose, petunia and clover. Its not a bad thing. Experienced crafties get it. You may not.

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