Tuesday, March 13, 2018

St Bernardus Tripel (review)

Beer Review #184

Hello, hello. Thanks for checking out another beer review here on Beer Porn & More. Today I'm tasting Tripel Abbey Ale from St Bernardus. I previously reviewed this brewer's Prior 8 (watch review) making this only my second beer from St Bernardus.

Before popping the cap I noticed some sediment floating around in the bottle, indicating that this Tripel is bottle conditioned. The beer itself pours a surprisingly pale golden / straw, and is of course a bit on the cloudy side, which for some people is a cosmetic issue. If you grew up on crystal clear, filtered beers, don't let this turn you away. Not only is it not a negative, it may actually be a positive for the flavor in my opinion. Beer doesn't get any more real than when its cloudy and unfiltered.

After that big white, frothy head of foam slowly dissipates look for a slightly acidic, but mostly fruity aroma (apple, grape), rounded out be hints of lemon and grass.

On the flavor front, this 8.0%ABV abbey ale is surprisingly delicate and easy drinking, but does not lack for flavor. That fruity element carries over from the aroma, but is balanced out by spicy hints of ginger, clove and coriander. Check out my full video review below.

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