Friday, March 16, 2018

Tennessee Prinse Quadrupel Ale (review)

Beer Review #186

Hello, hello! Welcome to another craft beer review here on Beer Porn & More. In today's review we'll be taking look and taste of Tennessee Prinse Quadrupel Ale Aged In Whiskey Barrels from Northhampton Mass. based Brewmaster Jack. Scroll down to skip ahead to my video review, unless you are old school like I am and still enjoy reading things.

This behemoth barrel aged quad clocks in at 11.5% ABV and costs a whopping $20 for a 4-pack of 12oz bottlers at my local bottle shop, The Jolly Farmer. The beer pours nearly-black but with significant red highlights when held up to the soft-box lighting set up here at the luxurious Beer Porn Bedroom Studios.

The aroma is primarily fruity - grap, plum, fig, but look also for a healthy dose of graham cracker and maybe a bit too much alcohol for its own good.

That fruit and graham cracker thing is also present on the pallet, along with a bit of alcohol warmth, and dose of oak off the barrel. I also detect a bit of pipe tobacco that I did not notice while recording my video review which you can view below. Please Subscribe!

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