Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout (review)

Beer Review #185

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. Today I'm tasting Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout from Colorado's Left Hand Brewing Co.

This massive 10.2% ABV Russian Imperial Stout pours the expected Stygian black, although at room temperature the khaki head is a bit hesitant, producing only about two fingers that fade fast.

The aroma is primarily that of dark baker's chocolate. Subdued hints of coffee linger around the edges along with the distinct sweetened creaminess of flaked oats. I also detect hints of caramel like a cow tail candy that I did not notice during my video review.

At  45IBU's, the beer is sufficiently bitter, and to these taste buds even a bit on the "hoppy" side for a stout. Those hops are primarily of an earthy floral nature. But hops are not the only thing going on. Dark chocolate and hints of coffee are also at play. Black licorice slowly reveals itself as the pallet adjusts. After all of that, the finish is surprisingly dry. Watch my video review below and click THIS LINK to subscribe to my channel.

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