Monday, April 2, 2018

Crankenstein IPA (craft beer review)

Beer Review #194

Hello, hello. Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. It was a big weekend here in Beer Porn land. On Friday I reviewed the 2018 release of Founders KBS, Saturday was my 36th birthday. Sunday was Easter and the 3rd from last episode in season eight of The Walking Dead. Today its Monday April 2. I woke up to 2 unexpected inches of snow on the ground, and I'm doing my 194th written craft beer review. But I digress...

Today I'm drinking a beer I've never had from a brewer I've never heard of in the form of Crankenstein from Stony Creek Beer's  experimental IPA series.

The promotional material bills this brew as a hybrid between the dry, super-pale, mega-hopped West Coast IPA, and the cloudy, juicy fruit bombs of the New England IPA style. The beer certainly looks the part - extra pale golden-straw, fluffy white foam, and a whole lot of cloudiness.

The aroma starts out as primarily fruity (tropical), with a fair helping of honey, but gradually becomes more "piney" as the beer warms.

In the taste department, the reported 50IBU's come on a bit stronger than advertised. This beer is plenty bitter, but its also slightly creaming - probably a result of wheat. Hints of citrus, especially lemon are also present. Look for a dry, lip smacking finish.

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