Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Heavy Is The Crown IPA (Craft Beer Review)

Beer Review #198

Hello, hello! Welcome back to beer Beer Porn & More. Today is a special occasion - the recording of my 200th video review. You can check all of those out over on my youtube channel, which I hope you will subscribe to. You can find all of that stuff HERE. But on to the review...

Today I'm tasting Heavy Is the Crown IPA, a collaboration beer between Barrier Brewing Co and LIC Beer Project. This hazy golden-straw IPA, replete with its fluffy white head, weighs in at a respectable 7.2%ABV

Aroma wise, its all about those popular tropical fruits - mango, papaya and also citrus.

When it comes to taste and mouthfeel, we're looking at a lip smacking, mouthwatering dry beer with a bitter pine finish when all is said and done. But upfront, its more about the citrus rind (grapefruit, mostly). This beer is also surprisingly smooth and 'drinkable.' Continue down the page to get the full story in my video review.

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