Friday, April 27, 2018

Loser: Corporate Beer Still Sucks (Craft Beer Review)

Beer Review #200

We did it!

Hello, hello. Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. A few days after crossing that 200th beer review video threshold over on youtube (HERE) I've also managed to do it here on the blog with my 200th written craft beer review.

Today's beer is Loser (Corporate Beer Still Sucks) from Elysian Brewing. Billed as a "pale ale," this malty orange brew drinks more like an amber. That's right, it pours a little darker than your average pale, and with a lingering head of creaming off-white foam.

Both the aroma and the taste are exceptionally malty (in this particular bottle, which may perhaps be a little old?) Bready, caramel malts seem to be the main attraction and call to mind what you might more typically get out of an Oktoberfest. Its not a bad beer, by any means, but seems to be a little bit other than advertised. Though not billed as an IPA, i'd still typically expect a little bit less malt on a beer such as this.

A little bit of floral hops do seem to emerge in the finish.

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