Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Space Juice Double IPA (craft beer review)

Beer Review #196

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. We're now only four written reviews away from that two-hundred review milestone (and a mere two reviews from 200 video reviews), and today I'm tasting a 'double-ipa of the cosmic kind,' in the form of Space Juice from Long Trail Brewing.

'Does not contain juice,' says the label on the can, and I for one and glad that the brewers took the time to make that distinction. Maybe big brother forced them to put it on the label, fearing that consumers would mistakenly think they were consuming a health food, or perhaps they're just smarter than the average brewery. These days the shelves are inundated with alcohol-containing sodas, teas and juices that don't really have anything to do with craft beer, and I don't care to drink any of them.

But this, this is a legit double IPA from a legit craft brewer, and it is a good one. Weighing in at 8.7%ABV and 82IBU's this beer pours golden-orange with slight cloudiness (look for fine particulates in the suspension) and a stubborn head of fluffy white suds that just won't quit.

The aroma screams fruit bomb - juice sweet scents of the tropics, as well as a fair helping of citrus and more traditional pine.

The taste is all about pine from front to back, with just a hint of the floral. The real surprise, and the thing that gives this beer the 'juice' in its name, is the boomerang of sweetness that comes into play as you get deeper into your first glass. This element of the beer only just began to reveal itself when I recorded the video review below:

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