Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Brown's Intonation Double IPA

Beer Review #206

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. Another day and another double IPA. This time I'm taking a look at Brown's Intonation Double IPA from Brown's Brewing Co.

This 8.0%ABV double India pale ale is part of Brown's Brewing Co's  Revolution Series of small batch beers. While the batches may be small the flavors and aromas present here certainly are not.

The aroma rolling off of this thing initially reminded me of the tropics (mango, papaya), but as I finished up this 16oz can things have shifted to fall more into line with the flavor which is driven by floral hops in a big way. The whole experiment is held together by a honey-sweet malt presence.

Pours cloudy and orange with a big ass head of soapy white suds.

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