Friday, May 18, 2018

Carton Brewing IDIPA

Beer Review #207

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Beer Porn & More. Its sunny, warm - and I just cracked open a 16oz can of IDIPA from New Jersey based Carton Brewing Company.

The brewer describes IDIPA as "Not much to analyze about IDIPA. Sometimes you just crave a dank IPA to sip on, so that’s what we made. Multiple hops, multiple malts and multiple yeasts combined in a way to placate the dank side of our desires. Drink IDIPA because it’s the dankness you need," and I tend to agree.

Weighing in at 7.0%ABV and 70IBU's, IDIPA pours cloudy orange with a big fluffy white head that lasts for hours and hours. 

The aroma is surprisingly fruity and sweet, at first before hints of dankness (think hemp) emerge.

In the taste department, that hemp dankness is a major player, but also substantial helpings of citrus rind and pine. A bit of sticky sweetness intervenes later on as the taste buds adjust to the bitterness

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