Thursday, December 20, 2018

Paradox of the Powerful (Review)

Welcome back to let's talk beer. Today's review is of 'episode six of six' of Southern Tier Brewing Company's Science is the Art series of imperial IPA's "The swan song of our Science is the Art Collection, Paradox of the Powerful, is hopped six ways from Sunday. We hit it with a dose of Mosaic hops in the kettle on its way to the whirlpool, then we open the floodgates and soak whole flower Mosaic in the hopsack at over 1/2 A pound per barrel. We lace the fermenters with Citra and Simcoe hop duSt over the course of several days to produce juicy tropical flavors and aromas. Notes of grapefruit and berries "coupled with low IBU make this a crusher, much like our space heroine." Available for a limited time only in November, 2018. Get them while you can!"


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