Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Original Star Wars Fan Audio Drama

Follow The Fanitarium's ongoing audio drama series from its origin to the latest episode, exclusively on our Youtube channel: HERE.

Originally conceived as a companion to The Gungan Council Role Playing Forums and the Bombad Radio Podcast, this original Star Wars fan-fiction series has since taken on a life of its own.

Written by host/editor/director Jeremiah and others, the wildest dreams of any hardcore Star Wars fan are brought to life through the voices of many talented fans in these great episodes:

I. Zillo Rising
II. Zillo Requiem
III. Zillo Resonance
IV. Mission To Balmorra
V. Fates Entwined
VI. Echoes Of The Past
VII. Escape From Ord Mantell
VIII. Perils of Hoth
IX. Detonation
X. Dawn Of A New Age
XI. Onward To Belsavis
XII. A Witch's Tears

I. One Last Race
II. A Life Without
III. A Look Into Bane's Mind

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