Monday, April 8, 2019

Terry Goodkind: The Scribbly Man (Unboxing Expectations)

In this short video I unpack my purchase of Terry Goodkind's new novella "The Scribbly Man" which kicks off his new novella series "Children of D'Hara" with currently has 5 volumes planned. I'll be back soon with a full blow by blow review.


"I want to introduce everyone to THE CHILDREN OF D’HARA, a new series that continues the story of the lives of Richard and Kahlan. This is a journey that began 25 years ago with the 1994 release of WIZARD’S FIRST RULE, when Richard first met Kahlan that fateful day in the Hartland woods. After the ‘The Sword of Truth’ series ended, I knew there was more to Richard and Kahlan’s story. Much more. A whole world more. For years, readers have asked me about Richard and Kahlan’s lives after the Sword of Truth series . . . and importantly, about their children. While my masterwork, ‘The Sword of Truth,’ concluded with WARHEART – 20 languages and 26 million books sold – I was burning to tell readers more about Richard and Kahlan. For that reason, this new series starts immediately after the 'Sword of Truth' books ended. Without skipping a beat, readers will plunge back into Richard and Kahlan’s lives, with new novellas releasing every three months. It all begins with THE SCRIBBLY MAN, on April 4th, 2019. Available for pre-order now. So it is that I want to welcome you all back into the Sword of Truth world with many of the characters besides Richard and Kahlan, such as the Mord-Sith, that we have come to love. Learn what the star shift has done to their world and what monsters now lurk in shadows. Pre-order your copy of the first novella, THE SCRIBBLY MAN today, then continue the saga with me every ninety-days. I promise an arresting, beautiful, and sometimes tragic adventure that will keep you glued to this irresistible story. -Terry Goodkind"

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