Monday, July 1, 2019

Fear The Walking Dead S5 EP5 "The End of Everything" (Review)

After being kidnapped, Al meets a young woman named Isabelle who works for the mysterious group with the helicopter. As Al hid her tape on the zombified member of the group, Beckett, Isabelle is forced to cooperate with Al who seeks information on the strange group and its activities. With Isabelle's helicopter out of fuel and only three days before another team is sent to the area, Al helps Isabelle make a treacherous climb to get the needed supplies while revealing her own guilt over her brother's death when Al chose to chase a story instead of staying with him. Isabelle eventually explains that her group is focusing on the future and rebuilding to the point that its mission is more important than anything and anyone. After Beckett went insane when he saw the aftermath of the power plant meltdown, she was forced to kill him. Al eventually allows Isabelle to destroy the tape, but Isabelle chooses not to kill her due to their mutual attraction. Isabelle leaves in the helicopter with the tape on Al's brother, lying to her people about encountering someone else. Al reunites with Morgan, Alicia and Annie's group and chooses to lie about what she learned, keeping her promise to Isabelle. Inspired by her experiences, Al reveals her last name to her friends, finally giving out some personal information about herself.


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