Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Merrell Men's Trail Glove 5 (Review)

Some initial impressions after my first run in these shoes. Not Merrell's best shoe, but also not as bad as some reviews have indicated. Dangerous on wet grass, the shoe finds its grip on classic dirt and small rock strewn single track. The rock plate will give you some security over sharp objects. And yes, they've added a little bit of arch support on this model. If you are a minimalist/barefoot runner you'll notice it when standing in the shoes or covering flat ground. But if you spend most of your time going up and down hills on your toes its not enough to be obtrusive. Keep in mind, these shoes SEEM to run a half size larger than your typical Merrell "barefoot shoe" and a full size larger than most standard non-minimal running shoes.....however.....the massive real-estate in the toe box is the main cause of this perception. Once you hit the trail you'll likely be fine with the shoe, even if it seems a bit large out of the order online at your own discretion. 7.5/10


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