Sunday, March 29, 2020

Reverberation: A Supernatural Thriller by: A.M. Caplan (Expectations)

Reverberation: A Supernatural Thriller by: A.M. Caplan (Expectations) Buy Now: I'll be back with a full review shortly. "One man raised her. Another saved her. Which can she trust? Hannah just wants her nightmare to end. When an uncle she believed dead arrives to warn her an obsessed dangerous immortal knows where she is, she flees with him. Racing to safety with the crazed killer hot on her heels, she barely escapes an ambush with death in her wake. Holed up in her uncle’s fortified compound, Hannah starts to suspect the woman stalking her isn’t the only one after her blood. And with more immortals hunting for her unparalleled power, her only weapon might be coursing through her veins. Reverberation is the second novel in the Echoes supernatural thriller trilogy. If you like unpredictable plot twists, dark suspense, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love A.M. Caplan’s wild rollercoaster ride." A.M. Caplan, author of Echoes and the Echoes Trilogy lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, a rowdy bunch of boys when they aren't in college, and a cat that sees dead people.


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