Saturday, September 19, 2020

Dead Quiet: A Supernatural Thriller (Echoes Trilogy Book 3)


The third and concluding volume in my sister's "Echoes Trilogy" of books is now available. 

Book 1: echoes

Book 2: reverberation

Book 3: dead quiet

"She’s being used as a killing tool and now they’re out to destroy her. With a baby on the way, can she hope to survive?

Hannah Ciric is so tired of running. With her uncle using her unique blood to turn dangerous immortals into humans, she’s desperate to find a safe place for the life growing inside her. But the pregnancy has unexpectedly changed her into a lethal toxin, and now all eternals want her dead.

With nowhere to hide, Hannah is terrified her unborn child will never see the light of day. And when an old enemy resurfaces to lead the mob determined to end her, the last place she’d ever want to return could be her only refuge.

Can Hannah finally escape this undying nightmare before her little one pays the ultimate price?

Dead Quiet is the explosive conclusion to the Echoes supernatural thriller trilogy. If you like big-twist endings, unlikely love, and bloody combat, then you’ll adore A.M. Caplan’s high-octane finale."

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