Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Founders CBS (2019) - Beer Review #326

Founders CBS (2019) - Beer Review #326 Aged one year. I pulled this 2019 vintage Founders CBS off the local racks in late 2020 after it languished there for a year, calling my name, crying out "drink me, drink me!" This particular bottle seems to have weather "the covid year," marvelously. Even at 11.3%ABV she drinks sweet and mellow. Coffee and maple syrup are still present, just as you'd demand from any decent breakfast stout, but surprisingly absent (already) is the heat and booziness. On its first birthday, this Founders CBS is unquestionably better than it was at birth. Drink one now if you can find one, keeping in mind that there will be no 2020 release, and when we will next see Canadian Breakfast Stout return remains up in the air.

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